Friday, June 11, 2010

During an otherwise uneventful run...

So I started this blog and then almost immediately ignored it. Sorry about that! Here is where I should promise to be better about writing regularly – but that will probably just set me up for failure. So I’ll just do what I can do and hope someone out there reads it besides me!

Enough of that – I came here to share a funny/feel good running story from my run yesterday.

I leave the house about 7:30am hoping to beat the heat. It’s only about 75 or so degrees, but the humidity is up around 80%, which is really incompatible with breathing when you’re NOT running, and just a killer when you ARE running. So the plan is just to take it slow and walk if I need to. Around mile 1.5 I am really feeling gaspy – despite running straight through someone’s well-timed sprinklers – so it doesn’t help in the slightest when a little white-haired old lady whizzes by me on her cruising bike… this thing has a basket on the front for crying out loud! I push her out of my mind and tell myself just to concentrate on my run.

A half a mile later I make a turn and head toward the golf course. Up ahead I see the little old lady stopped at the side of the path. As I approach she flags me down, so I stop.

“Have you seen an old guy – my age – on a bike?” she asks me.

“No, I haven’t…” just then a sputtering white-haired guy piloting an identical cruising bike, basket and all, emerges from the same path I’d come from.

“Harold! There you are! I was getting worried.”

“God damn it, May! It’s f***ing HOT out here, and I’m out of water and you’re going too fast. I can’t keep up!”

I can’t stop myself from grinning as May says, “HAROLD!”

He sees me, blushes and says a little sheepishly, “Sorry about that, Young Lady. Good morning!”

“No worries – good morning to you too,” I say, “Can I see your water bottle?”

He looks a little confused, but hands it over. I had my amphipod hand-held water bottle still ¾ full of water, so I refill his bottle from mine. (I was pretty sure he’d have turned me down if I’d offered, so I just did it.) I hand it back to him and he thanks me. We chat a couple minutes and I turn to go. Though I’d turned down my music when I first stopped, I still had the earphones in my ears so maybe they thought I couldn’t hear the following exchange as I’m jogging away from them:

“See Harold? You meet nice people when you get out and exercise!”

“Yep, cute ones too…” Harold attempts a half-hearted whistle noise.

“Oh for christsake…” I can practically see her eyes rolling.

This little encounter cracked me up and made my day. And Harold? Don’t tell anyone, but I think you’re kind of cute yourself. Happy exercising!


  1. Very cute, should have invited them home for breakfast.
    Good luck on your race weekend. Mx

  2. Thanks, Mom! We're just back - I beat my last year's time by 20ish seconds... despite the nasty humidity. One down!